Inspired by harmony and nature of Korea, the place where he was born, photographer Han Seok You keeps an open mindset to capture the nuances of the photograph to offer his own perspective of the world and images that captured each moment in time.

Han Seok Applies his personal experience, knowledge and skills to create images that are highly powerful with great attention to detail. He enjoys the meditative routine of the darkroom, being enveloped in the smell of pungent chemicals, watching his prints emerge. Intuitively, he learned to be more humble and patient when trying to capture shots and develop negatives.

Han Seok You currently lives in Rhode Island.

Please take your time to familiarize yourself with his style. If it fits with your vision and concept, please feel free to contact Han Seok You at any time. He is thrilled at the prospect of collaborating and working together.

Life is one long transition. It is a journey similar to the process that is required to produce a photographic print, from shooting, to developing a negative, to printing, it is a journey. I am definitely ready to take that trip.
— Han Seok You